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How ya doin?

Welcome to La Mia Familgia! ( the family)

Thank you so much for checking me out ( wink wink) 
Makeup Mafia was started in that's awhile ago! Lets pretend I'm still 22..ANYWAYS back to business! I've always been a creative soul and I've always loved a good clam so I taught myself how to glam up here beautiful souls on your big days and special occasions! Throughout the years I grew team of talented stylists and we became a top choice for all your beauty needs!

Now because you know a girl can't keep all her "eggs in one basket" .. Do people still use that saying? I also get the opportunity to work with many beauty Brands online! Media marketing is another passion of mine and you can catch me on the gram or the newest fad 
TikTok! Things get a little wild on there but I think it's a good way to get to know myself and my team. Enter at your own risk ! Username : MakeupMafiaxx 

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My Story

Where do I even begin?
Let me take you back to high school... Everyone's favourite right? High school wasn't easy for me because I didn't look like everyone else I was this hairy thicker than a snicker greek girl. How badly I wanted blonde hair and blue eyes and to shop at all the mall stores. Can you relate? Let's put that to the side though the one thing I knew how to do was to glam myself up! I found my confidence in beauty! I waxed those thick brows and let's not forget that greek moustache, threw on some Maybelline foundation & Ardell lashes and strutted myself down those hallways! After graduation, I started dabbling in working with friends and family and taught myself what looked amazing and what needed some Makeup Mafia magic! 10 years later I get the opportunity to work with brides around the globe! I get to work on set and meet so many amazing people! I started my Instagram in 2015 and started posting more and more and got connected with so many amazing brands that I now get to work with daily! This journey wasn't for the faint of heart but it taught me the real value of determination! I now not only get to glam my clients up but I get to show them how amazing they are!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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